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Destination Wedding

This wedding took place in Castello Ceconi in the foothills of the Italian Alps and was an opportunity to observe a Master Class by someone who is my photography hero. That man is Jerry Ghinous who is Nikons Global Ambassador and arguably the greatest wedding photographer in THE WORLD, he is simply that good.

This was an actual wedding and I had the opportunity of not only observing the man at work but take some photos in a pretty spectacular location which is owned by Graphi Studio whose albums are amongst those which I offer.

Destination weddings are if you think of it, only destination weddings if you have to travel there. If you live at a place they are local and as everything is relative, it really boils down to whether or not you like the style of work the photographer consistently produces or not?

To underline this, the difference between say Ipswich and Istanbul from my home may be the same if I drive to the former and fly to the latter. The main difference is that you should expect to pay more to fly a British based photographer out to a location, but then you have the advantage of accountability and reputation rather than a business relationship between a coordinator and a venue. There may well be various backhanders and introductory fees taking place and having a ready-made solution doesn’t always reap the best results.

As you can see from the photos, the Italian Castle which was less than a few hours drive northwards from Venice airport was pretty spectacular, to say the least. The marble contrasted against the tree-covered hillsides and with several balconies I couldn’t help but think of Romeo & Juliet; which is highly apposite as Vernona where the Montagues and Capulets families lived are less than an hour away.

Throughout their wedding, the couple who spoke very little English carried themselves with great dignity and what I particularly loved was the attention to detail in dressing the tree with flowers which looked stunning.

As someone who’s developed their own style, yet is receptive to new ways and ideas I always challenge me to evolve and the opportunity to learn from Jerry and gain a few insights was too good an opportunity its to miss. What I took away from this experience was to use creative lighting in plain indoor settings to really make portraits shine and so I’m always looking to create some dramatic bridal and groom portraits as these images show.

Fortunately, as I’ve travelled the globe clocking up almost a hundred countries, who better to trust photographing your destination wedding than a seasoned traveller with proven knowledge and experience of nailing it the first time.

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