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Francesca & Catalin

Catalin from Romania met Francesca whilst working in Carlisle. Not many people know this but Romanians take their photography very serious and its for a reason that Bucharest is often called the Paris of The East. This is relevant as Francesca wanted a photograph recreating with balloons which I discovered during our pre-consultation phone call.

The photo was of a Romanian social media star, and when I asked Francesca how long it would take, she seemed to think it would take less than an hour, whereas I knew it would be a fair few hours at the very least. Fortunately, all the Bridesmaids and Man Maid of honour (which is quite easy to identify in the photos) were on it the night before and in the morning of the wedding before I arrived and a total time in excess of 4 hours was mentioned. After a quick 10 mins rearranging a few things around, we captured a number of shots, some of which are for the newlyweds eyes only.

Armathwaite Hall where they were married holds special significance is where I tied the Knott many years before and the view southwards along the length off Bassenthwaite Lake is spectacular. Only true lovers of The Lakes will tell you that Bassenthwaite Lake is the only true Lake in the area, but this is more to do with man-made definitions.

The mid-November day had an almost summers feel about it and Francesca and Catlin were blessed with fine unseasonal weather. Catalin’s family which had flown over from Romania must have thought that all those stories of “The Engish weather” and The Lakes being the rainy capital of England were misplaced.

The couple looked sensational with Catalin doing his best James Bond impression and Francesca looking elegant in her stunning dress from Simply Koko which has a reputation for elegance and first-class customer service.

As the evening turned to dusk I kept my eyes on the ever-changing light as I sensed something a little magical was about to occur. I articulated this to the newlyweds and we immediately grabbed a quick 10 mins to capture some relaxed shots in the magnificent grounds for a second time that day. In a blink of an eye, Bassenthwaite turned an iridescence blue as the mountains basked in the last rays of sunlight. I immediately grabbed my telephoto lens and standing a good 30 to 40 meters away asked them to softly kiss and framed this moment forever which I’m really proud of. The tree to the left of Catalin seems meters behind, but is in fact almost half a kilometre away and the hills over 10 kilometres away. A bad workman blames his tools, and a good workman knows how to use his tools and my £2K lens which had been hiding in my kit bag, was only used all day, and which I’ll call “the money shot”

To finish off the day, a surprise firework display was arranged the previous day as a last-minute surprise, which is why any photographer who rushes home after the first dance simply isn’t giving their all in capturing the whole story. Firework photography is a genre of its own requiring longer exposures and so to capture the action and include the newlyweds required them both to stand completely still for 10 seconds and it was pushing 11.30 pm so it was completely pitch black.

Soon after this, the night fizzled out (sorry… terrible firework pun) Francesca and Catalin then made their way to the Bridal suite complete with its own hidden stairway winding its way to the private Turret Tower. If they had gazed upwards into the night’s sky they would have seen a record number of shooting stars which would have been a fitting way to end their perfect day.

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