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Carolyn & Stephen – The Lodore Falls, Ullswater

Carolyn & Stephen were recommended to me by Evergreens in Keswick, which is one of Cumbria’s finest florists and we arranged to meet up and the rest as they say on history.

What a coincidence to find many months later bumping into each other on Derwentwater where they were kayaking and I was sailing with my daughter.

Fast forward a year and they got married on one of those days, where you just couldn’t work out what the weather was going to do as every weather report contradicted each other.

Caroline is a teacher and Stephen a Doctor and although they are career orientated, and hold deep religious beliefs, they are both into outdoor pursuits and have a wicked sense of humour.

They married at Our Lady of The Lakes Church in Keswick and held their reception at the nearby Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa. Ironically, I had shot Jan & Denis’s wedding there the previous day and during the course of the day had bumped into and managed to say the quickest of hello’s.

Less than 10 miles away, lies officially the wettest place in England and so after the champagne was served, it unsurprisingly started to drizzle and as the newlyweds had requested lots of families and group shots I kept an eye on the weather whilst documenting the day.

When a break in the weather occurred, the guest were magically rounded up and I managed to quickly organise everyone to get the shots that Caroline and Stephen wanted. It helps to be a former teacher in herding everyone quickly as sometimes you have limited time and no one wants to be stood outside if the weather turns.

Talking of weather turning, after these “group shots”, the three of us headed out onto the jetty and as I began to get some lovely shots
out of nowhere, a storm appeared and began to quickly sweep down The Borrowdale Valley.

Almost instinctively Caroline grabbed Stephen’s with her right hand and with her left hand clutching her beautiful bouquet of sunflowers (isn’t that poetic !!) ran for dear life back towards the hotel.

If you see this image isn’t perfect by any means (with a raindrop on the lens), but you know what, I think it adds to the feel of what’s going on in that exact moment, forever frozen in time.

Being a huge fan of Quentin Tarrantino films, this image has an almost epic cinematic quality feel about it. Many of my images are inspired by the landscape reminding ourselves of the power of nature and “our” insignificant role within the grand scheme of things.

Even though every day is someone’s wedding day, you have to roll with it (ok I’ve now got an Oasis song going on in my head !) and Caroline & Stephen certainly did and this dynamic movement is IMHO what made this image work.

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