Gretna Green, Loud and Proud / The UKs #1 Destination Wedding Photographer !!

I’ve never been accused of sitting on the fence as I’m not fond of splinters at the best of times. Gretna is in my DNA as my parents eloped to this iconic wedding destination eloping from Industrial Manchester to tie the knott over 60 years ago.

As Destination Weddings are all the rage at present, Gretna Green can probably claim to be “The” destination wedding venue this side of Las Vagas !! Therefore, as someone who lives in England but has shot a fair few weddings in Scotland, does this make me The UK’s number one Destination Wedding Photographer ?

What I do know is that having lived all over the world from Africa to Australasia through to Asia and several other places in between the world just may be oyster sized after all. Talking of which, Bluff oysters in New Zealand are imho the most succulent there are for those not wanting to put something salty in their mouths !! I’m all of a sudden beginning to feel like a script writer for one of the Carry on films.

So what is it that makes Gretna Green so special ? Firstly, you have its unique history which is unrivalled due to its close proximity to the English border making it the ideal place to run away in days gone by. Fast forward a few hundred thousand weddings and the pull of Gretna Green is so strong that couples still want to marry there, in their thousands every year. The range is truly eclectic of people who ties the knot and range from people all over the world. Many are ordinary couples like you and me, (although in truth every couple is made to feel “extraordinary”) through to many famous celebrities. Gretna Green even has its own documentary TV show called, “Wedding town” but this focused upon the wacky rather than the everyday weddings which are fortuantely the norm.

The fact is Gretna Green has some of the best Hotels, Wedding Venues and highly professional Wedding Coordinators, period. With over 6,000 weddings annually, they are used to dealing with every eventually and any leftfield unusual requests. The food is amazing, and the place is like a well oiled machine and runs like clockwork. It’s not for everyone, but everyone I’ve met who has tied the knot there has done so and sang its praises from the roof top. I will say it again and sing it from the rooftops, I love Gretna Green and fortunately lots and lots, and lots of others do too !!

So far I’ve had the honour to photograph the first ever pearly King & Queen to get married outside of London, The amazing Part Time Working Mummy (aka Rachaele) & Josh, plus many other couples who booked me often for a full day wedding and we become friends. I‘ve met the most amazing people, whilst doing what I love (taking pictures) and getting paid for doing so which is a bonus; boy I’m some lucky dude!!

Here are a selection of some of my favourite photographs taken at Gretna Green.